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Tented camps composed of fixed tents are often located in wonderful places.

They have beds, showers, toilets and restaurants; please don't forget never drink fresh water in Africa, only water in bottle is allowed for yor health.

Forest camp near Manyara.

Mbuzi Mawe, luxury tented camp around a kopjes, with many rock hyraxes and Klipspringer around...

One of the must beautiful tented camp of Tanzania .

Lodges, often luxurious, built in full nature in marvelous landscapes, have comfortable rooms, bathrooms, toilets.

Everywhere, food is international, often as buffet-like with a lot of various meals.

Here you can see some equatorial vegetation in Tarangire tented camp.


N'dutu, on the border of Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation area.

Pictures © Pierre-Yves Vaucher

© 2003 Nameloksafaris, Christopher KIVUYO.