Accomodation ?

The lodges and the tented camps are mostly built in wonderful places.

The camps are very confortable, with rooms, toilets, showers and restaurant. Should you choose tented camps or luxury hotels, you have to remember that you are in the bush, the domain of all animals and they are not tamed.

Buffalos, elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, are often roaming very close to the tents and the lodges and not only in the evening. In the tented camps, after sunset a guard will always take you back to your tent, where you will be perfectly safe. If you don’t go out until morning!

Never use the tap-water, always take water from the bottles you have on your disposal.

Momella Wildlife Lodge, national parc from Arusha. John Wayne and Hardy Kruger stayed here as they were turning the movie “Hatari”, in 1962.

The tented camp of An’gata in Ndutu (© Fafa)
Mbuzi Mawe Luxury Camp. (© Fafa)
It takes its name from the klippspringer, mbuzi mawe, in swahili, very common around the place. (© Fafa)

The smiling rock hyrax is also everywhere, even on the terraces…

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge (© Fafa)
The tented camp of An’gata in Serengeti (© Fafa)
The tented camp of Ngome in Serengeti (© Fafa)
Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge (© D. Gremion)
Ngorongoro crater, view from the Serena Ngororongoro Safari Lodge.

Bandas in Katavi National Park (© Fafa)

The tented camp of Vuma Hills, in Mikumi National Park, a friendly shy visitor: the bush baby…. (© Fafa)
Selous Serena Camp (© Fafa)
Ruaha River Lodge, view from the little bungalow. (© Fafa)

Babu’s Camp, Mkomazi National Parc (© D.Gremion)
The tented camp of Kismangeda,(© Fafa)