Katavi National Park

This park is close to lake Tanganyika but because it is far away from big towns and touristic centers, it is less visited than the other parks. Covering some 1.400 km2, it is the 3rd park of Tanzania, created in 1974. In rainy season, the rivers are bringing a lot of water in this region.

In dry season, the mud holes who subsist permanently are the only way for the animals to drink from kilometers around. Between May and October, big herds of mammals gather in the park : elephants, buffalos, zebras, antelopes, elands, followed by their usual predators: lions, leopards, hunting dogs, cheetahs. The swamps have the highest density of hippos and crocodiles of the whole country.
In rainy season, more than 400 kinds of birds can be seen.

The lake Tanganyika, one of the Big Lakes of Africa, (100-0652), is holding several records :

Second biggest lake in Africa after Victoria Lake, second in the world after lake Baikal for its volume and its depth (more than 1.420m.), it is the longest sweet water lake in the world with some 680 kilometers and the most stocked with fish. Its waters join the Congo, then Atlantic  Ocean. It was born more than 20 millions years ago.

View from the bridge:

Even crocs are looking for shade.