Mikumi National Park

Established in 1964, this 3.230 sqkm park is named through the “borassus palm tree”, “mkuma” in sweahili, which is typical of this area.

The park is crossed by the Mkata River. The Mkata plains are inhabited by herds of buffalos and elephants, giraffes, some prides of lions.

The forests by gnous, zebras, baboons, warthogs. A pond has been made for hippos and crocodiles.

A big giraffe with Yellow-billed Oxpecker. (© C. Kivuyo)
Gnous proceeding to the swamp… (© C. Kivuyo)
…built for hippos and crocodiles. (© C. Kivuyo)
Buffaloes going to the shade in front of the pavilions near the main-gate of the park. (© C. Kivuyo)
These giraffes just crossed the high-way, obliging the cars to stop (© C. Kivuyo)
It is not a joke ! (© C. Kivuyo)
A herd of elephants trying to feed in dry season. (© C. Kivuyo)
(© C. Kivuyo)