The most well-known park of Tanzania got its name from the maasai word, meaning “ endless plain “.

(© Fafa)

300 km from Arusha, it covers 14.500 km2 with all kinds of biotopes : lakes, rivers, forests, hills, and the famous “kopjes “, granitic rocks where lions like to stay.

But they also like trees:


…or under!

Cheetahs are not shy…

The leopard prefers see the life from up….but sometimes he comes down from his tree.

The Hippo-pool: :

Bateleur eagle (© Fafa)
Fish eagle (© Fafa)
Egyptian vulture (© Fafa)
Long creasted eagle (© Fafa)
Verreaux’s eagle owl has nice pink eyelids 
(© D.Gremion)